Winter is in full swing, and for the adventurous among us, that means it’s time for some serious seasonal fun. There are no better vehicles to valiantly take you through the snowy mountainscapes of wintertime than those made by Jeep, and in this spirit Jeep has returned for the twelfth year in a row as the official automotive sponsor of the X-Games. Starting this Thursday, extreme athletes will trek to Aspen, CO, to show what they’re made of in some of the harshest conditions and most awe-inspiring sporting events. From flying through the air on snowboards to racing down steep slopes on skis and so much more, the daredevils of the X-Games take sports to another level.

To celebrate the athletes themselves, as well as the continued partnership between Jeep and the X-Games, Jeep has released a special promotional ad for the 2015 Wrangler X-Edition.Playing on the idea of a “polar vortex,” the ad depicts a snowy tornado, the formation of which has baffled experts. We slowly zoom in to the great white landscape to see at the heart of the cycle a Jeep Wrangler X-Edition doing donuts in the snow. It comes to a stop and the vortex dissipates, leaving behind the pristine vehicle and two thrilled passengers.

We wanted to mark the Jeep brand’s 12th year as the X Games Aspen official automobile sponsor by putting our own unique ‘spin’ on this year’s event by celebrating the joy of the athletes who perform in extreme weather conditions and the vehicles that take them there,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for FCA Global. “Whatever the cause behind the Polar Vortex, fans attending this year’s games will have the opportunity to come out on top of it, too, experiencing the event like never-before […].”

Jeep will be all over the X-Games, providing transportation up and down the Aspen landscape, sponsoring events such as autograph signings and, perhaps best of all, a giant snow sculpture of a Wrangler will be on view for all to see.

Check out the ad below, and if you’re looking for the best vehicles to help you be ready for whatever nature throws your way this winter, visit our Jeep dealership in Lakewood, NJ, and test-drive a Jeep vehicle today!