2014 Chevy VoltWhen it comes to safety, the results are in, and the 2014 Chevy Volt blows all competition out of the water. Chevrolet’s plug-in hybrid has earned the highest safety honor given out the by IIHS, the Top Safety Pick + award. Of the 12 cars in its class tested, the Volt was the only one to receive this award. ┬áThe is especially good news for those concerned about the safety of greener cars like the Nissan Leaf, which was given a “Poor” rating in the same tests. The Volt even earned the second-highest rating in the incredibly challenging small front-overlap crash test that the IIHS considers the most difficult crash test done anywhere.

This is a particularly big accomplishment because the 2014 Volt was designed before the small front-overlap test was even introduced, meaning it had taken into account this kind of safety without the added pressure of passing tests. Future Volt models designed specifically with the test in mind should fare even better in an area where most small cars have been struggling just to be rated “Acceptable”.

Aside from being the only small car to earn the Top Safety Pick + award, the 2014 Chevrolet Volt was the only vehicle that featured technology that sought to prevent the crashes from happening in the first place. The collision warning system alerts drivers when it detects an imminent frontal collision, while the automatic breaking engages without the driver needing to react when a crash is about to happen. Both of these features helped the Volt avoid the worst of the situations it was tested in and come out on top. As always, the best way to be safe is to stop the crash from happening in the first place, and the safety features on the Volt have clearly set the bar for preventative medicine.

If safety and efficiency are on your new-car checklist, the 2014 Chevy Volt is the ideal pick. With its myriad of safety and tech features and sleek, stylish design, it’s a hard car to beat by any metric. Pay a visit to our Lakewood, NJ Chevrolet dealership to test-drive this great car yourself!