It started with targeted ads during first-season breaks and grew from there — the love between Portlandia and Subaru has grown from commercial breaks to that of the official automotive sponsor. Candace and Toni might not be behind such a big-name partnership, but we at Pine Belt are certainly happy to see some of our favorite things come together in a fun and unique way, and there’s no denying that Portlandia and Subaru are both very fun and very unique.

Portlandia, which playfully mocks the unique subcultures of the Pacific Northwest, is the brainchild of SNL alum Fred Armisen and clever musician Carrie Brownstein. Whether they’re getting catnapped, running a feminist bookstore or tailgating at A Prairie Home Companion (check out the video below!), they show’s kitschy charm is undeniable, and suitably complemented by the fun and trendy vehicles offered by Subaru. To make things even better, the Portland area is one of the biggest Subaru markets, allowing for the integration of car and comedy in a way that feels natural.

When the partnership kicked off big-time in 2012, Brian Johnson, national advertising manager for Subaru of America, had this to say: “Subaru is very excited about its evolved partnership with IFC and Portlandia.  Integrating into the second season of the program was a great venue to showcase the 2012 Impreza in a fun, comedic way. The viewers of IFC and Portlandia and Subaru owners share similar values and beliefs and we believe both audiences will appreciate the partnership.”

Bring some Armisen-Brownstein fun to the Garden State and swing by our Lakewood, NJ Subaru dealership! To finish things off, enjoy some Portlandia fun: