Concept cars allow designers to really strut their stuff. With the reigns of commercial viability thrown off, the artists behind the sporty-but-practical looks of vehicles like the Chevrolet Camaro can show what they’re truly made of. Last week at the Shanghai Auto Show, Chevrolet debuted a concept that took futuristic design to a whole new level, creating the kind of vehicle that makes onlookers wish it was more science than fiction. Called the FNR, it explored what a car that required no driver might look like in the not-so-far-away future where vehicles are entirely autonomous.

Swathed in metallic and neon blues with black accents, the FNR resembles a blue-black glass capsule when its doors are closed. It’s when things open up that the real show starts, though: the doors unfold in a way that’s meant to resemble dragonfly wings, swirling upward in opposite directions to reveal an interior that resembles a high-concept gastropub. The highly stylized chairs swivel, allowing the front passengers to turn around and face those in the back when the car is driving itself. With the wave of a hand, the driver can relinquish or regain manual control of the vehicle. Roof-mounted sensors detect environmental conditions and work in tandem with a GPS to direct the car on its own or provide a manual driver with route info.

“For everyone around the word, time is a key commodity and autonomy would deliver that. If you can take the hands off the steering wheel, you can do other things,” said Chevrolet communications director Mike Albano.

The FNR is powered by individual electric motors in each wheel. It is currently functional, but drives very slowly, and probably won’t be hitting dealerships anytime soon. Still, it’s an inspiring look at the future of the automotive industry. Check out the pictures below to get a full idea of this incredible vehicle’s unprecedented looks.