The annual Jeep Easter Safari – now in its 49th year – is a gleeful celebration of Jeep fandom. Jeep faithful from across the U.S. make a pilgrimage to Moab, Utah, in order to participate in a nine-day trail-riding adventure with a plethora of likeminded motorists. Jeep itself gets in on the fun, going all-out in designing cool, one-of-a-kind concept cars.

After the jump, we’ll take a look at the three of the seven unique Jeep vehicles that debuted this year, from customized Jeep Wrangler trekkers to a blast from the past.


1. Flower Power in the Desert: The Jeep Chief Concept




Inspired by the cool California surf, the Chief is a modified Wrangler with a low, long roofline and a sky-blue-and-white paintjob. Inside, a summery floral print is complemented by a hula girl on the dashboard and a boardwalk motif in the rosewood-plank-lined trunk.

“Chief, really obviously an homage to the ‘70s two-door full-size Cherokee, and it was kind of a dare up front,” said Jeep head designer Mark Allen. “We’ve done a couple vehicles, like the Nukizer and J-12 truck, where we grafted on the full-size look front end onto a Wrangler. Wrangler has grown big enough in size and I think we hit a sweet spot where that kind of works.”


2. A Salute to the Past: The Jeep Staff Car Concept


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“The idea behind the Staff Car was back to our roots,” Allen said. “How legit can we take a 2014 Wrangler and make it look like an authentic military vehicle right out of the ‘40s? “I think it’s my favorite vehicle out here because it’s whimsical but it’s also a nice nod to our past, our beginnings, when the horse was replaced with a Willys flat fender.”

With no doors or windows and a neat beige paint job befitting the most particular drill sergeant, this throwback to the origins of Jeep looks right at home in the Utah desert.


3. All It Needs Is a St. Bernard: The Wrangler Red Rock Responder


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In addition to a tongue-twister of a name, this beefy Wrangler modification has everything it needs to respond to any crisis situation. Alongside the very best in off-road capabilities, the RRR also is home to a collection of spare parts and other mechanical musts that one could need when confronted with an emergency off the beaten path.

Its bright red paintjob coupled with aggressive black-and-red interior detailing make it clear this vehicle means serious, serious business.


Want more? Stay tuned to our New Jersey Jeep Dealership – next week we’ll look at the final four concepts from Jeep!