Off-road vehicles like those in the Jeep lineup have gotten more stylish and comfortable than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost any of their grit. Case in point: the 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, which got a high-end makeover but nonetheless took home the esteemed Four-Wheeler of the Year award from Four-Wheeler Magazine. Earning the honor entailed a harrowing off-road test that took the Cherokee through water, dirt, sand and even snow to determine exactly how tough it was. In the end, the Cherokee beat out the Toyota 4RUNNER TRD Pro and its little sibling the Jeep Renegade to earn the honor.

“The team of seasoned judges appreciated Cherokee Trailhawk’s cutting-edge technology, fresh styling, and luxurious interior amenities packed in a vehicle designed for the 21st century that still maintains true off-road capability,” editor Christian Hazel said.

The Trailhawk was praised for its incredible high-tech interior and its capable handling in a variety of environments, as well as its trouncing of the other vehicles on the loose-dirt hillclimb test. At the end of the day, the judges agreed that the Cherokee was just straight-up fun to drive!

“Winning the prestigious ‘Four Wheeler of the Year’ award reinforces the fact that the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is unquestionably the most capable mid-size SUV on the planet,” said Mike Manley, Jeep President and CEO.

There’s little need for modesty when you’re the proven winner, and in fact Jeep vehicles have won 13 off-roading awards (although this is the first for the Cherokee from an enthusiast publication, making it quite a special one).

For our part, we’re thrilled to see two amazing Jeep vehicles put to the test and pass with flying colors! It’s just more proof that the modern Jeep is a beautiful marriage of form and function. To test out any of the enterprising Jeep models, including the Cherokee Trailhawk, pay us a visit at our Jeep dealership in Lakewood, NJ.