2015 Chevy VoltIt’s every busy office worker’s worst nightmare: you go to send an email with an important document, and nothing happens. You hear a scream. The corporate office has become inaccessible. People poke their heads in and out of each other’s offices, asking the dreaded question to which they already, in their hearts, know the answer: Is the internet down? As the panic subsides and that particularly modern brand of helplessness sets in, you are left to wonder: What are you to do when the entirety of your dealership depends upon constant connection? Well, if you work at a Chevrolet dealership, the answer to that question seems to be, “Fire up the Chevy Volt!”

A few weeks ago, when a lack of internet left workers at a suburban Detroit Chevrolet dealership unable to do things like update their inventories and process lease payments, one of the salespeople had a revelation.  Several of the floor models at their dealership were equipped with the new 4G LTE hot spot feature, including one that didn’t need traditional fuel to run: the 2015 Chevy Volt. Employee Matthew Oleszczuk powered up a Volt, put it into accessory mode, and plugged it in. He set up the mobile hot spot through OnStar, and within a half hour almost everyone was back online. A 2015 Chevy Malibu was later added on to help out another department.

“We were laughing because the signal was as strong or stronger than when we’re running our internal network,” Oleszczuk told InsideEVs.com. “One lady asked why the Volt was on, and we told her that our land line was down and the 4G connection was keeping our network going.  She thought that was pretty impressive.”

Chevrolet announced the availability of 4G LTE hot spots in its models at the beginning of the year, and started rolling them out over the summer. This innovative technology allows you to get online at the highest speeds no matter where you are, whether you’re using a laptop or a mobile device. The wireless availability makes many new things possible, including keeping an entire office online.

For more info about 4G LTE hot spot technology in Chevy vehicles like the 2015 Volt, or to test-drive any of these awesome vehicles, come visit our Chevrolet dealership near Point Pleasant, NJ today!