2015 Chrysler Town & Country

Redefine What It Means to Drive a Minivan with a Hybrid Town & Country for 2017


2015 Chrysler Town & CountryThere’s arguably no demographic that focuses on budgeting more than families. Putting kids through school, shelling out for all the accoutrement that comes with after-school activities, coping with copious doctor’s appointments and feeding the whole family takes a lot out of one’s paycheck. Plus, when you’re carting two or three or more people off to a litany of different locations, it’s without a doubt going to be tough on your gas budget. It’s quite surprising, then, that carmakers haven’t offered the people most concerned about their wallets with the best money-saving option on the roadways: there is no hybrid minivan.


Thanks to the good folks at Chrysler, though, there will be soon. Recently, Chrysler announced plans to bring a battery-powered Town & Country to the market sometime in 2016 for the 2017 model year. Expected to make its debut at next year’s Detroit Auto Show, the hybrid minivan is expected to get 75 mpg while still boasting all the get-up-and-go a rowdy family needs.


“It will be the best minivan you can possibly imagine; the most technology advanced; the best minivan you’ve ever seen in your life,” exclaimed Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne in January.


In addition to a regular hybrid, the Town & Country will also come in a plug-in iteration, the first of its kind for any Chrysler vehicle. Other info about the vehicle indicates that it will be slightly taller and wider, meaning more room on the inside. In addition, it will feature a 7-inch driver-information display screen in lieu of gauges and an 8.4-inch touchscreen for the Uconnect infotainment system.


That’s all a lot for families to get excited about! It may seem far away, but the 2017 model year will come up fast, and this time Chrysler will be more than ready for moms and dads across New Jersey and the rest of the nation. We can’t wait for this innovative vehicle to make its debut at our Chrysler dealership in Lakewood, NJ, and we hope you keep in touch for more information as it becomes available.

By Popular Demand, the All-Electric Bolt Will Be Coming in Time for 2017


In a world that’s increasingly concerned with tomorrow, it’s important that companies are always innovating and striving to introduce technologies that make the world a brighter place. Last month at the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet exhibited its commitment to that ideal with a concept car called the Bolt: an affordable, all-electric compact car meant to rival big names like the Tesla Model 3. There was no timeline for the car’s release, but public opinion was sure and swift — this car was already in demand. Chevy’s response? “Let’s do it.”

Riding the wave of demand, Chevy has announced this week at the Chicago Auto Show that the Bolt has been greenlit for production, barely a month after the concept made its debut. What has everyone show excited? Taking advantage of the battery technology in already-available vehicle like the Chevy Volt hybrid, the Bolt is expected to get more than 200 miles on one charge and cost around $30,000. Plus, unlike many hybrid and electric vehicles, it’s slated to be available in all 50 states! That’s good news for green-minded customers here in New Jersey. To top things off, Chevy is planning to build this futuristic car right here in the States, at its Orion plant near Detroit.

Featuring a great, modern look that is stylish without being gaudy, the Bolt will feature the ability to select your mode of driving to suit the car’s capabilities to the situation. It will also be compatible with DC fast chargers. The Bolt is looking to hit dealerships for the 2017 model year, which means it still is a little ways off, and as more details become available we’re only going to get more excited for this eco-friendly ride.

Check out a video of the Bolt’s reveal below, and stay tuned for more news about this incredible new vehicle from Chevrolet!

Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Brings Home the Gold in Off-Road Acumen


Off-road vehicles like those in the Jeep lineup have gotten more stylish and comfortable than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost any of their grit. Case in point: the 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, which got a high-end makeover but nonetheless took home the esteemed Four-Wheeler of the Year award from Four-Wheeler Magazine. Earning the honor entailed a harrowing off-road test that took the Cherokee through water, dirt, sand and even snow to determine exactly how tough it was. In the end, the Cherokee beat out the Toyota 4RUNNER TRD Pro and its little sibling the Jeep Renegade to earn the honor.

“The team of seasoned judges appreciated Cherokee Trailhawk’s cutting-edge technology, fresh styling, and luxurious interior amenities packed in a vehicle designed for the 21st century that still maintains true off-road capability,” editor Christian Hazel said.

The Trailhawk was praised for its incredible high-tech interior and its capable handling in a variety of environments, as well as its trouncing of the other vehicles on the loose-dirt hillclimb test. At the end of the day, the judges agreed that the Cherokee was just straight-up fun to drive!

“Winning the prestigious ‘Four Wheeler of the Year’ award reinforces the fact that the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is unquestionably the most capable mid-size SUV on the planet,” said Mike Manley, Jeep President and CEO.

There’s little need for modesty when you’re the proven winner, and in fact Jeep vehicles have won 13 off-roading awards (although this is the first for the Cherokee from an enthusiast publication, making it quite a special one).

For our part, we’re thrilled to see two amazing Jeep vehicles put to the test and pass with flying colors! It’s just more proof that the modern Jeep is a beautiful marriage of form and function. To test out any of the enterprising Jeep models, including the Cherokee Trailhawk, pay us a visit at our Jeep dealership in Lakewood, NJ.

Things Get Extreme When the Jeep Wrangler Teams Up with the X-Games


Winter is in full swing, and for the adventurous among us, that means it’s time for some serious seasonal fun. There are no better vehicles to valiantly take you through the snowy mountainscapes of wintertime than those made by Jeep, and in this spirit Jeep has returned for the twelfth year in a row as the official automotive sponsor of the X-Games. Starting this Thursday, extreme athletes will trek to Aspen, CO, to show what they’re made of in some of the harshest conditions and most awe-inspiring sporting events. From flying through the air on snowboards to racing down steep slopes on skis and so much more, the daredevils of the X-Games take sports to another level.

To celebrate the athletes themselves, as well as the continued partnership between Jeep and the X-Games, Jeep has released a special promotional ad for the 2015 Wrangler X-Edition.Playing on the idea of a “polar vortex,” the ad depicts a snowy tornado, the formation of which has baffled experts. We slowly zoom in to the great white landscape to see at the heart of the cycle a Jeep Wrangler X-Edition doing donuts in the snow. It comes to a stop and the vortex dissipates, leaving behind the pristine vehicle and two thrilled passengers.

We wanted to mark the Jeep brand’s 12th year as the X Games Aspen official automobile sponsor by putting our own unique ‘spin’ on this year’s event by celebrating the joy of the athletes who perform in extreme weather conditions and the vehicles that take them there,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for FCA Global. “Whatever the cause behind the Polar Vortex, fans attending this year’s games will have the opportunity to come out on top of it, too, experiencing the event like never-before […].”

Jeep will be all over the X-Games, providing transportation up and down the Aspen landscape, sponsoring events such as autograph signings and, perhaps best of all, a giant snow sculpture of a Wrangler will be on view for all to see.

Check out the ad below, and if you’re looking for the best vehicles to help you be ready for whatever nature throws your way this winter, visit our Jeep dealership in Lakewood, NJ, and test-drive a Jeep vehicle today!

A-O River! Subaru and Portlandia Team Up for Some Not-Ironic Fun


It started with targeted ads during first-season breaks and grew from there — the love between Portlandia and Subaru has grown from commercial breaks to that of the official automotive sponsor. Candace and Toni might not be behind such a big-name partnership, but we at Pine Belt are certainly happy to see some of our favorite things come together in a fun and unique way, and there’s no denying that Portlandia and Subaru are both very fun and very unique.

Portlandia, which playfully mocks the unique subcultures of the Pacific Northwest, is the brainchild of SNL alum Fred Armisen and clever musician Carrie Brownstein. Whether they’re getting catnapped, running a feminist bookstore or tailgating at A Prairie Home Companion (check out the video below!), they show’s kitschy charm is undeniable, and suitably complemented by the fun and trendy vehicles offered by Subaru. To make things even better, the Portland area is one of the biggest Subaru markets, allowing for the integration of car and comedy in a way that feels natural.

When the partnership kicked off big-time in 2012, Brian Johnson, national advertising manager for Subaru of America, had this to say: “Subaru is very excited about its evolved partnership with IFC and Portlandia.  Integrating into the second season of the program was a great venue to showcase the 2012 Impreza in a fun, comedic way. The viewers of IFC and Portlandia and Subaru owners share similar values and beliefs and we believe both audiences will appreciate the partnership.”

Bring some Armisen-Brownstein fun to the Garden State and swing by our Lakewood, NJ Subaru dealership! To finish things off, enjoy some Portlandia fun:

“Beneath the Surface” Offers 4D Look at the Construction of the 2015 Chrysler 200


Back in September, we told you about the innovative online factory tour Chrysler was offering to help drivers connect with the all-new Chrysler 200. Using special Google Maps navigation, visitors to the web site explored the plant in a way never before possible, seeing the birth of a Chrysler 200 vehicle from start to finish. For the 2014 LA Auto Show, Chrysler kicked it up a notch: it teamed up with Oculus VR to offer a 4-dimensional virtual reality tour of the 2015 Chrysler 200 factory called “Beneath the Surface.”

The tour lasted for about four minutes and was created using the Oculus Rift DK2 headset. This one-of-a-kind experience allowed travelers to make their way through the five-million-square-foot Sterling Heights facility as though they were inside the 200 as it was being built. With a special rumble pack installed in the seat, voiceover instructions and ambient sound effects, the experience was brought to life with a bang. When wearing the headset, the user is taken through the three main aspects of the car’s construction — the Body Shop, where the frame is welded together; the Paint Shop, where users watch how the car is made ready to take on a special sheen (a process that apparently requires ostrich feathers); and the Metrology Center, where the new baby is given a thorough inspection by industry experts to make sure everything is as it should be.

The 2015 Chrysler 200 rolls out of the plant exactly how it was intended, as the “new face of Chrysler” and everything a sporty sedan should be. Of course, if you’re on the virtual tour the experience ends when the car is just about ready to be driven. In real life, you can pick things up at the most exciting part by paying a visit to our New Jersey Chrysler dealership and taking the 200 for a spin! Check out the promo video below for a taste of the tour experience, or head on over to Chrysler’s web site to try the online version yourself.

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