In a world that’s increasingly concerned with tomorrow, it’s important that companies are always innovating and striving to introduce technologies that make the world a brighter place. Last month at the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet exhibited its commitment to that ideal with a concept car called the Bolt: an affordable, all-electric compact car meant to rival big names like the Tesla Model 3. There was no timeline for the car’s release, but public opinion was sure and swift — this car was already in demand. Chevy’s response? “Let’s do it.”

Riding the wave of demand, Chevy has announced this week at the Chicago Auto Show that the Bolt has been greenlit for production, barely a month after the concept made its debut. What has everyone show excited? Taking advantage of the battery technology in already-available vehicle like the Chevy Volt hybrid, the Bolt is expected to get more than 200 miles on one charge and cost around $30,000. Plus, unlike many hybrid and electric vehicles, it’s slated to be available in all 50 states! That’s good news for green-minded customers here in New Jersey. To top things off, Chevy is planning to build this futuristic car right here in the States, at its Orion plant near Detroit.

Featuring a great, modern look that is stylish without being gaudy, the Bolt will feature the ability to select your mode of driving to suit the car’s capabilities to the situation. It will also be compatible with DC fast chargers. The Bolt is looking to hit dealerships for the 2017 model year, which means it still is a little ways off, and as more details become available we’re only going to get more excited for this eco-friendly ride.

Check out a video of the Bolt’s reveal below, and stay tuned for more news about this incredible new vehicle from Chevrolet!