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2015 Chrysler Town & Country

Redefine What It Means to Drive a Minivan with a Hybrid Town & Country for 2017


2015 Chrysler Town & CountryThere’s arguably no demographic that focuses on budgeting more than families. Putting kids through school, shelling out for all the accoutrement that comes with after-school activities, coping with copious doctor’s appointments and feeding the whole family takes a lot out of one’s paycheck. Plus, when you’re carting two or three or more people off to a litany of different locations, it’s without a doubt going to be tough on your gas budget. It’s quite surprising, then, that carmakers haven’t offered the people most concerned about their wallets with the best money-saving option on the roadways: there is no hybrid minivan.


Thanks to the good folks at Chrysler, though, there will be soon. Recently, Chrysler announced plans to bring a battery-powered Town & Country to the market sometime in 2016 for the 2017 model year. Expected to make its debut at next year’s Detroit Auto Show, the hybrid minivan is expected to get 75 mpg while still boasting all the get-up-and-go a rowdy family needs.


“It will be the best minivan you can possibly imagine; the most technology advanced; the best minivan you’ve ever seen in your life,” exclaimed Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne in January.


In addition to a regular hybrid, the Town & Country will also come in a plug-in iteration, the first of its kind for any Chrysler vehicle. Other info about the vehicle indicates that it will be slightly taller and wider, meaning more room on the inside. In addition, it will feature a 7-inch driver-information display screen in lieu of gauges and an 8.4-inch touchscreen for the Uconnect infotainment system.


That’s all a lot for families to get excited about! It may seem far away, but the 2017 model year will come up fast, and this time Chrysler will be more than ready for moms and dads across New Jersey and the rest of the nation. We can’t wait for this innovative vehicle to make its debut at our Chrysler dealership in Lakewood, NJ, and we hope you keep in touch for more information as it becomes available.

Jeep Lego Set Goes for the Same as a Real Car


1968 Lego JeepIt’s no secret that when you buy a used Jeep vehicle you can get some real bargains. With their rugged longevity and timeless look, there’s a big market for well-loved old Jeep SUVs. Last week, a seller on eBay got a cool grand for his old Jeep, a 1968 retro Willys army model. Except this Jeep was made of bricks. Tiny, wooden bricks. The Jeep was a Lego set, and it went for more than some modern vehicles that can actually serve as transport will sell for on AutoTrader.

What was so special about this old Lego set that it merited selling for more than some people pay a month in rent? Well, for one, it had never been opened — quite a feat considering this was a toy manufactured for children, who are known for their violent propensity to open things. It was also exceedingly rare, from before Lego was the worldwide phenomenon it is today; in fact, this set entered the U.S. market before Lego even had a U.S. headquarters. The toys were distributed by Samsonite, the luggage company. This means that very, very few were ever produced, and the “LEGO Jeep 330 set,” as it’s known, was actually a British toy that was hastily repackaged for quick sales across the pond. These factors all collided into a kitschy supernova that resulted in the sale of a tiny Lego Jeep set for more than $1,000.

While the willingness of people to spend large sums of money on things whose value is ever-relative shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, that it’s possible to buy a real, non-replica, full-sized Jeep for that price or less adds an amusing facet to the whole situation that is sure to infuriate the utilitarian among us. A quick browse of produces a 1993 Grand Cherokee Laredo going for $795, among other results.

At the end of the day, though, you can’t put monetary value on emotional fulfillment, and we’re willing to bet the lucky winner of the auction is more than happy with their purchase!

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